Eco Craftz brings you timeless paintings, enthralling sculptures, statues, home décor products, dolls, and much more at our showroom. The cultural rhythm of India, china & Thailand reverberates in the modest dwellings of the Indian, Chinese & Thailand artisans for whom art is not just a vocation but also veneration. The handcrafted items displayed at our site are directly procured from the craftsmen: beneficial for both the craftsmen and their audience. Browse through the kaleidoscopic colours of art and experience the spirit of quintessential India, China & Thailand in its artefacts and collectible treasures.

Eco Craftz has carved a niche in offering exclusive Indian, Chinese & Thailand handicrafts to appreciators of art all across the globe. We source handicraft products directly from the master craftsmen and bring them directly to our patrons. Our endeavour is to provide quality and dignity to the artisan and value for money to patrons.

The Eco Craftz web site is brought to you to provide unique Indian, Chineese & Thailand gifts for you at a price you will like and can afford. Our goal is to provide high-quality products to our customers with a service that exceeds their expectations. Our products are from India, china & Thailand but are for sale here in UK. We design our products all year round and we offer some of the most exclusive products from India, China & Thailand.